We offer a true partnership.

Our unique business model means we work hand in hand with you on this new endeavour. Your success is our success.


Accountability & launch rate

Hive was there every step of the way. They did most of the work and made sure I reached the finish line.

Hive Brand: Go Ride

3 simple steps to launch your brand

Step 1. Product Selection & Sourcing

Choosing the right product from the start is key when it comes to your success. Hive's product analysts provide you with options that are most likely to succeed.

Step 2. Listing Creation

Your Amazon product listing is like your homepage. We help you with product photography, graphic design, and keyword implementation to help you stand out.

Step 3. Launch & Rank

Once your product is ready to launch, it will need a boost. Our in-house team of marketers handle your launch & ongoing marketing campaigns.

Us against the competition

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Amazon course
Hive partnership
Day 1 Team Support
17+ Team Members
Winning Product Selection
Done with you
Branding & Packaging Design
Done for you
Product Ranking Support
Done with you
Manufacturing, Sourcing & Logistics
Done with you

Frequently asked questions

What is the startup cost?

Just like starting any other business, there is a cost involved. We recommend having at least $15,000 set aside before getting in touch with us.

What if my product fails?

While our product analysts are diligent in providing only products with a high margin of success, there are outside forces that can impact the performance of your store. If that is the case, we have circuit breakers built in which helps you wholesale your inventory at cost and together we will launch another product.

Are there any risks to starting an Amazon business?

Just like every new business, there will always be risks involved. Partnering with us helps mitigate that risk by partnering with people who have sold over $6m+ online.

Is this a get rich quick strategy?

No - by starting a store with us, you understand that businesses require nurturing and take time to grow. The end goal is to get your store to a 6 or 7 figure valuation which typically takes 24 - 36 months.

How much time will this take?

This business will require 6 - 8 hours of your attention per week for the first 3 months. After launch, that number comes down to 4 hours per week on average.  

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