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August 15, 2023

Ultimate Guide: Amazon Custom Product Packaging and Inserts

If you’re an Amazon seller, you know exactly how important it is to give your product the best packaging and inserts. Not only does this help protect your product during shipping, but it can also be a fantastic opportunity to showcase your brand and stand out on the shelves.

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Amazon product packaging and inserts. From choosing the right materials to planning your layout, we’ll guide you throughout the entire process. So, if you’re ready to take your product packaging to the next level, then read on!

Design Your Amazon Product Packaging and Inserts

Designing the product packaging and inserts that come with your Amazon product can be a time-consuming process, but it is an essential part of the business. Knowing what to consider when designing your product packaging and inserts, as well as discussing your suggestions with your supplier, can help ensure that your packaging looks professional and helps draw potential buyers to your product.

How to Create Your Packaging

Here's an overview of the steps you should take when creating packaging for Amazon products:

1. Packaging Material and Size - The first step in creating an effective packaging design for your Amazon product is to determine the size of the package and material that you’re planning to use. You'll want to keep in mind both the size of your product and how it needs to be protected during shipping. It's important to consider the type of materials used in the packaging, such as cardboard or polyethylene. 

2. Design - After deciding on the type of packaging, it’s time to design your own unique design. You can even hire a graphic designer who will design the artwork for you or create it yourself using an online design tool like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Be sure to include all relevant information like product name, features and benefits, and customer service contact information.

3. Get Your Packaging Printed - Now that your design is ready, it’s time to get it printed. You can either order custom-printed boxes from a printer or use pre-printed stock boxes that are available online. The second option is usually more cost-effective and allows for quicker turnaround times. 

4. Add Inserts - Inserts are an important part of any product packaging, so be sure to include them in your Amazon product packaging as well. Inserts provide helpful information about the product or company such as instructions, warranties, legal disclaimers, and more.

Things To Consider About Packaging 

When considering what materials and supplies you should use in designing your product packaging, there are several factors that need to be taken into account. First is cost efficiency – what materials will allow you to create a quality product while keeping costs low? Secondly is weight – if shipping costs are an issue, then you may want to look into lighter-weight materials that still provide adequate protection and durability for the product while not driving up shipping costs unnecessarily. Finally is production time – some materials and supplies may take longer than others in terms of production time, so it’s important to factor this into your decision as well. 

Let Your Supplier Do The Packaging

If you do not have the time or resources to create your product's packaging and inserts by yourself, let your supplier do the work for you. Many suppliers offer custom design services that allow them to take your ideas and turn them into professionally designed packages. Most suppliers also charge a fee for this service, but it is often a worthwhile investment when it comes to creating brand awareness.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Does Amazon do custom packaging?

A. Yes, Amazon provides custom packaging services for some products, depending on their size and type. Custom packaging must meet certain Amazon requirements, such as being durable and tamper-resistant. Some products may also require special labels or other branding. You can find more information about Amazon's custom packaging services by visiting their website or contacting their customer service department.

Q. Does Amazon allow product inserts?

A. Yes, Amazon allows product inserts to be included with certain items. These inserts can include promotional materials, coupons, instructions, or other information about the product. 

Q. How do I make packaging for Amazon?

A. If you are selling a product on Amazon, you will need to create a package for it that meets their requirements. You should first determine the size and shape of the package, as well as any packaging requirements for the product. Next, you will need to purchase the materials necessary to create the package and assemble the package according to the product's specifications. Finally, you should label the package with your product's information and then ship it to Amazon's fulfillment center. 

Q. What is Amazon product packaging?

A. Amazon Product Packaging (APP) is a set of standards developed by Amazon to ensure that all products shipped through its fulfillment centers have a consistent look and feel. APP sets specific requirements for packaging materials, labeling, and design elements such as logo size and placement. It also includes guidelines for packing items safely and securely so they arrive in good condition at their destination. Companies selling products on Amazon are required to follow APP requirements if they wish to use Amazon's fulfillment services.


Designing product packaging and inserts can be a complex process, but with careful consideration of materials, size, labeling requirements, and cost concerns, plus discussing these ideas with a qualified supplier, you can create attractive and effective packages that draw potential buyers to your items on Amazon.

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