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February 20, 2023

Introduction to the Hive Leadership Team

Andrew Wu

Brand Director

Andrew carries two decades of expertise across e-commerce, building start-ups, real estate branding, marketing, investing, building partnerships, and business development. This experience provides Hive with a wealth of resources to leverage for years to come. 

Andrew has built over 6 businesses which are running successfully in various niches which has given him operational experience which is vital as Hive scales to become one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies.

His natural enthusiasm, strategic insight, resource optimization and ability to align partners delivers ongoing long-term value for Hive its partners.

Chad Friesen


Chad’s business experience has been honed over 3 decades with a mixture of entrepreneurial and big corporate expertise.  He completed his MBA at Queen’s University in 2012 with a keen interest in new ventures and business development.  While working in a Senior Operations Management role, he focussed on creating efficiencies and ensuring that his team remained customer focused.  

Chad has worked with new ventures in multiple industries in roles ranging from raising capital to participating on their board of directors.  He regards effective networks as one of the key tenets of his successful business endeavours.  His intrigue with E-commerce is what drove him to launch his profitable FBA store with Hive and ultimately to joining the team.

He has a true passion for working with people and challenging them to push themselves to do more.  On a personal side, he takes part in coaching volleyball at his children’s school and will proudly talk about the team winning their first (of soon to be many) zone championship.

Drew Green


Drew is an award-winning Chief Executive Officer, entrepreneur and expert in managing fast-paced, high-growth companies. A visionary leader, Drew has created one of the world's fastest growing apparel brands, Indochino. Since 2015, he has established significant strategic capital, hired a world class management team and created global alliances that has led to over +500% growth 2015-2019, increasing profitability KPI's. 

Prior to Indochino, Green founded and was Chief Executive Officer of SHOP.CA, Canada's first multi-merchant marketplace, which is now owned by EMERGE COMMERCE, which he leads as Chairman and a major shareholder. Throughout his career, Drew has played key roles at companies that have created billions in shareholder value through leadership roles at DoubleClick (acquired by Google), SHOP.COM (acquired by Market America) and Flonetwork (acquired by DoubleClick). Currently, Drew is Founder and/or Chairman of seven public or preparing to go public companies, including EMERGE COMMERCE (TSXV: ECOM), LUCK BOX (TSXV: LUCK), BRUUSH (TSX.V: BRSH) APOLLO (TSXV: NSUR) CLC (TSX.V: RATE) GRAVITAS FUND II (TSX.V: TBD) and AIRES TECH (CSE: WIFI).

Saam Rahim

Marketing Director

Saam has a strong foundational background in digital marketing & e-commerce. He operated a digital marketing agency for several years before starting his own e-commerce venture which in less than 3 years has generated over $6m in revenue. Both these previous roles have given Saam a wealth of knowledge and experience in business operations, internal process optimization, digital marketing, sales & logistics.  His role at HIVE is to raise awareness of its unique model during the pre-partnership stage, as well as help streamline the onboarding processes and overall experience of all Hive partners.

Daniel McGill

Product Director

Dan McGill is a long time 7 figure Amazon seller. He recently exited his first brand “SpaceSeal Packaging” to private equity and is now building a variety of new Amazon brands. He specializes in product research, sourcing, and ranking on Amazon.

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